Bullet Points:
– Tucker Carlson, Fox News television host, proposed a conspiracy theory linking airline delays to a Bitcoin price surge.
– He suggested the computer outage was caused by ransomware and the U.S. government paid with Bitcoin.
– The crypto community mocked Carlson’s theory, dubbing it “maximum tin foil”.

Tucker Carlson, the controversial Fox News television host, recently proposed a wild conspiracy theory in an attempt to explain the surge in Bitcoin’s price. On his show Tucker Carlson Tonight on January 17, Carlson suggested that the computer outage that caused thousands of grounded flights in the United States and Canada on January 11 may have been caused by ransomware and the US government may have bought a large amount of Bitcoin to pay the ransom. He argued that this could explain the sudden rise in Bitcoin’s price, saying: “Since the nationwide ground stop last Thursday the price of Bitcoin has shot up about 20%. Is that a coincidence?”

Although Carlson’s fanbase appeared to take his theory seriously, the crypto community was less than impressed. Nick Almond, the founder of FactoryDAO, took to Twitter to mock Carlson’s theory, calling it “maximum tin foil”. He went on to explain why he doubted the US government would buy billions in Bitcoin to pay a ransom, pointing out that it is a highly unlikely move for the government to make.

The crypto community’s reaction to Carlson’s theory highlights the skepticism which often surrounds wild conspiracies. While it’s true that the Bitcoin price did surge shortly after the computer outage, this does not necessarily mean that the two events are linked. Until Carlson provides evidence to back up his claims, it’s best to take his theory with a grain of salt.

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